years of industry experience

  • Who are Xennial?

    Xennial Group is formed of several industry minds led by Director Mark Walsh.

    Collectively the team have over 100 years of experience working in exhibitions, festivals, live events and production.

    Why Xentix?

    Any event organiser will agree that ticketing is a mine field - there are literally 100's of companies out there all wanting to sell you their solution - there are some incredible pieces of software out there but many lack the support that is required by both the event organiser and the customer.


    So we took a different approach!

    We offer ticketing management - we are not a software company

    This the secret to our success - in the same way an event management company bring together the best suppliers to create an amazing event - we do the same with ticketing.


    We piece together best in class pieces of software and then support both you as organisers and your customers through their buying journey.


    We know the ticketing market like the back of our hands, who to trust and the various solutions on offer.

    We are not tied to any one software company so we can be really flexible and always suggest the best solution for your brand.

    Is it always £1.50 per transaction?

    Our £1.50 business model is tried and tested solution that we know works well

    We have used it time and time again and it is scalable


    If after chatting we don't think our Xentix solution works then we can either work on something more fitting or suggest who we think is the best for you to chat to.